Current Projects

On the JOB with Lani Lou

Children's Program


An educational children’s program that provides children, ages 6-12, with answers about how things work and acts as an early introduction to career exploration. A combination of onsite interviews, graphics and animation enables viewers to see the world through our host Leilani/Lani Lou’s eyes. Watch Leilani spend a day with a pediatrician and learn why children need shots, what her heart sounds like and why we get hiccups. In another episode, Leilani chats it up with a paleontologist and finds out how they know what dinosaurs looked like!


In Development

Show Host Leilani and guest Paleontologist David Wilcots - (Pictured left)

Freedom Denied


In 1983, Jean-Baptiste Edvard Pierre used a false passport to flee Duvalier-era Haiti. Upon arriving at Philadelphia Airport, Pierre's request for political asylum was denied and he was immediately transported to Salem County Jail -- where he would spend the next 28 months of his life. Freedom Denied posthumously tells the story of Jean-Baptiste's near decade long battle for political asylum in the United States, as told by the attorneys and community activists who fought side-by-side for his freedom.

Grant awards: Lucius & Eva Eastman Fund, Her Film Project, Small But Mighty Arts Grant and the Leeway Foundation Art & Change Grant


Ray of Hope 

A short film written by James Papa and staring Brain Anthony Wilson & Carol Anne Raffa

Co-Production with Dr. Papa Productions

Ray of Hope is a narrative short that tells the story of Ray Wellington, a hard-working father who finds ways to pay it forward even though he's struggling just to take care of his own family. 


In Development


A short film written by Stephen Anthony and directed by Tom Quigley

Co-Production with Dark Claw Studios 

Altered is an unlikely Zombie film that unrelentingly shows the transformation of one hardened scientist as she succumbs to the virus she created. 


Grants awarded: PIFVA Finishing Funds

Official Selection Philadelphia Independent Film Festival - World premier June 26, 2014


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